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Frequently Asked Questions

Have your questions answered here.If not mentioned here; please feel free to send us a feedback.
What is
We are an Online Payment Service Provider. You can pay fees of any institution(Member fee, Tution fee, Exam fee, etc) through this website if that institution is in our client list.
How do I register?
You can register with a valid E-Mail address through this form.

Alternatively you can use your facebook / Gmail account to access our service without a separate registration process.
Is there any registration fee?
There is no registration fee for creating an account with us.
Is there any Processing Charges for online payment?
The processing charge depends on the terms of our contract with the concern institution. Therefore it will vary between institutions.

Also different payment processors (like Visa, Mastercrd,Mobile Wallets, i-Banking etc) has different transaction fees. So these will also be a factor on processing charges.

However, whatever may be the processing charge it will be clearly mentioned before you will be taken to the transaction page.
How my Institution can be in the client list?
If you are owner/authorized person of an Institution who likes to collect fees through us. Please contact us through this feedback form.

If you are not the authorized person but like to pay the fees through us. Please request the institution authority to contact with us.
What’s the Procedure for online payment fees?
  • Register your Email address and Mobile number with the Institution Authority.
  • Login with your registered Email and Password.
  • Select your Institution from the icons.
  • Identify with student/member ID /Roll no and relevant data for payment.
  • Check the fees amount and select Payment method.
  • Enter Payment Information and authorize payment.
How can I get refund?
We are always here to assist you in case of any problem arise in the payment system. You are requested to communicate with us through this feedback form. or telephone no +88 017 300 292 74 within next 5 office days with details of the payment for which you like to get refund and reason for the refund request.

However it will not be possible to refund your money by us if the concern institution has accepted your fees as a valid submission.

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